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I used to hate Valentine’s Day.  Even when I was newly married, I thought that it was crazy to have to have a day dedicated to showing love to your someone.  I thought it was commercial, expensive, unnecessary.  I loved my guy and I did not need a day to force it down everyone else’s throats.  Plus, who has not had a Valentine’s Day alone?  I remember that feeling of being singled out.  I was lucky to marry a guy who brings me flowers, leaves me little notes, shows me love daily.  Daily.

So why do I need Valentine’s Day?

Enter adolescent kids.  That’s right.  I am the proud momma to 3 teenagers.  I love them.  I want to squish their cheeks and kiss them.  I want to {gasp} hug them in public.  I love them.

Valentine’s Day around our house has become about the kids.  It is the day where they get reminded, in an over-the-top way, that they are the loved.  I might not be squishing their cheeks.  (Okay, I might cheek squish just once…)  My kids will wake up in the morning to chocolate chip-heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry smoothies.  They open a present from husband and I.  They read a gushy card spelling out how we love them to the end of time.  They love it, but for one day only.  By Tuesday of next week, we will have resumed the safe distance apart while in public.

I am wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day.  Hug your kids of all ages.  Smooch them up.  😉

Here is some of the love I have gotten to document this year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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